Centre for Disability Development Research Law and Policy

Regional Secretariat | 342 Grunt Place, Lawley, Johannesburg 
Republic of South Africa | Phone: +27-34-312 7894

Advocacy and Services

Social Services Consultancy Services provided and related programs include:

  • Disability Law reforms
  • Policy reviews and design
  • Promote and expedite the delivery of Quality Rehabilitation Trainings.
  • Research and Training of rehabilitation counselors
  • Prepare and implement cross cutting Disability Programs
  • We assist African Governments to design and align Laws

Community Based Rehabilitation Programs  

  • To provide quality life for persons with Disabilities and their families
  • To provide Basic needs through inclusion approach
  • To set up social services
  • To advocate for Disability friendly policies and Programs
  • To involve communities in Disability centered activities
  • To provide vocational training
  • To promote Employment for the Disabled